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Tangshan Jidong Development Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was the earliest subsidiary repair workshop of Tangshan Qixin Cement Plant. At that time, the nature of production was to provide accessories for Qixin Cement Plant.

Qixin cement company was founded in 1906.

By 1908, China began to mechanize the production of cement way "rotary kiln manufacturing method" in Qixin Cement Company successfully.

In 1910 and January 6th, the new machine repair room was set up. The plant is the predecessor of Tangshan Cement Machinery Plant, with an annual capacity of about 200 tons. It is also the first professional manufacturer of cement machinery in China.

On October 31, 1919, Qixin Company and Smith Company of Denmark jointly established Huadan Company, jointly expanding Qixin Machinery Repair Room into Qixin Machinery Factory. Qixin Machinery Factory was the first one to be built by using foreign capital in China's building materials industry.

In 1921, China made the first dryer.

It was renamed as Qixin machine factory in 1923 and registered trademark is Tai Chi diagram. Qixin machine manufactory China's earliest homemade cloth machine for Tangshan Huaxin Textile Mill.

From 1922 to 1925, the factory developed China's first rotary kiln with its own strength, using only rudimentary equipment and no foreign accessories. This is also the first large-scale cement production equipment in the history of China's cement machinery. The annual production capacity can reach 250 thousand barrels, which is comparable to the rotary kiln produced by Denmark.

In 1932, Qixin Machinery Factory was renamed Qixin Repairing Machinery Factory. Since then, the production and operation situation has changed from manufacturing to repairing.

In 1957, it was renamed as a public-private joint venture to open a new cement machinery repair plant. The public-private joint venture shares were converted into public shares according to state regulations.

In 1958, China made the first annual production of 300 thousand tons of cement ribo kiln.

In 1962, we made the first 4x6m jaw crusher in China.

In 1963, it was renamed the Tangshan cement machinery manufacturing plant of the Ministry of construction.

It was officially relocated to No. 1 Daqing road in 1966. The first autoclave made in China in the same year was installed in Benxi Cement Plant in Liaoning Province, and its structural performance reached the level of only one American made in China.

In 1974, China made the first 800 kW reducer.

In 1979, it was officially renamed the Tangshan cement machinery plant, that is, "Tang cement".

Jidong Development Group's strategic reorganization in 2001 is part of Jidong development group. In 2003, Tangshan shield Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established.

In 2011, Tangshan Shield Stone Machinery, Tangshan Shield Stone Building, Tangshan Shield Stone Building Furnace and Tangshan Shield Stone Electric Company, which belong to Jidong Development Group, were put into Tangtao Stock Company, and a listed company named "Jidong Equipment" was established. In 2012, Jidong development machinery and equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established.

In 2016, Jinyu Jidong's strategic reorganization was affiliated to Jinyu group.