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Technology research and development

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The company has 89 professional and technical personnel, including 14 senior engineers, 44 engineers, 40 inspector. He is "Hebei Cement Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center", "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", "Yanshan University Postgraduate Practice Base". He has maintained good and close relations of cooperation with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Yanshan University, Hebei University of Technology and several trade associations. Many well-known experts and scholars in China have provided guidance and assistance to the work of the center. Among 53 utility model patents and 2 invention patents, 28 computer software copyright registrations were completed, 1 Gold Warded for provincial industrial design, 3 building materials industry scientific and technological progress awards, and 6 provincial scientific and technological achievements were obtained. The staff of the center published more than 200 papers in domestic professional journals.

The company's existing research and development achievements totaled 21 categories and 169 specifications, forming two major product modules of traditional cement industry equipment and transformation and upgrading products. The products and services provided by the company are exported to more than 30 countries such as the United States and nearly 2000 enterprises in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, providing a sustained development for the company and industry technological progress. Source power.

Traditional equipment in the cement industry kiln, vertical mill, grate cooler, roller press, stacker and reclaimer, ball mill, crusher, separator, dust collector and other cement main and auxiliary equipment with a series of product technology. A large number of products, such as 12000 t/d cement kiln, 12000 t/d grate cooler, 1800 t/h stacker, 1200 t/h reclaimer and PC2425 hammer crusher, are now in the leading position in domestic technology. At the same time, we strengthen the optimization and upgrading of traditional equipment, and make bold attempts to study new technology around traditional equipment.

The transformation and upgrading business covers the following aspects:

1, continuous mining technology and equipment. The company's own research and development of continuous mining technology has a number of independent intellectual property rights. The introduction of process system is a disruptive revolution in traditional mining technology. The system covers such key equipment as Crawler-type movable impact crusher, Crawler-type movable transfer bridge, movable belt conveyor and shift-type belt conveyor. Among them: MCI 1620 Crawler-type movable impact crusher technology is in the leading international level; MCI 1416 Crawler-type movable impact crusher is currently widely used in the domestic specifications of the type of equipment.

2, high-quality aggregate processing equipment. Five product lines, including fixed, movable, tracked, tire movable and high-quality aggregate machine sand making building have been formed, covering almost all forms of crushing and screening technology, with an annual capacity of 0.6-5 million tons.

3, large open cut mining machine research and development. By replacing the traditional drilling and blasting technology with the material cutting and crushing processing, the real non-blasting mining is realized, which is especially suitable for the limited explosive and some special working conditions.

4, technological transformation research and development. There are different research and related achievements in the aspects of grinding system reform, grate cooler system reform, high-pressure vertical mill external circulation energy-saving reform, high-efficiency fan system energy-saving reform, cement bag dust collection system and cement intelligent packaging and transportation.

5, comprehensive utilization of resources. The slag powder treatment system, steel slag powder treatment system, cement kiln cooperative treatment system, Refuse incineration kiln system, construction waste treatment system, construction waste reuse technology are studied to expand related business.

6. Research and development of plant energy management system, promote the construction of intelligent plants, provide industrial electrical automation integration, solutions, technical renovation and other services.

The center has the EPC general contracting capacity of system engineering, and can provide various kinds of related system design, construction, equipment general contracting engineering and production contracting services for comprehensive utilization of mines. At the same time, innovative business model, the development of mining production contracting business, including mining engineering, mining production contracting, ore processing, mobile crushing and screening equipment leasing. The center will continue to firmly and firmly around the technology research and development and product management of the two main lines to do a full article, two hands to grasp the hard, hard work, never say die, for the sustainable and healthy development of Jinyu shares add bricks and tiles.