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Jidong machinery Party committee preparations for the first party member congress

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Jidong machinery Party committee preparations for the first party member congress

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In accordance with the Party Constitution and the Provisional Regulations on the Election of Grass-roots Organizations of the Communist Party of China, the Jidong Machinery Party Committee is to convene the first Congress of Party members of the Tangshan Jidong Development Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in late September this year.

The company has set up a leading group for the preparatory work of the First Party Congress, with Liu Zhenbiao, Secretary of the Party Committee, serving as the group leader, Wang Dong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Chairman of the Trade Union Wu Junzhong serving as the Deputy Group leader. The members are Zhang Limin, Xian Haitao and Qiao Junqiu. There are five working groups: Secretary group, organization group, propaganda group and conference affairs group. The security group shall set up a delegate qualification examination group and a party fee examination group, and the Organizational Department of the Party Committee of the company shall be responsible for the specific preparatory work.

According to the regulations, the preparatory work in August this year to the Jinyu Group and Jidong Development Group Party Committee submitted a request, Jinyu Group Party Committee has agreed to convene the approval of the party congress. At present, the company has convened the first preparatory work meeting, formulated the overall work programme for convening the Party Congress, issued a notice for convening the Party Congress, organized various Party branches to elect representatives of Party members of the First Party Congress, and recommended the list of members of the two committees. Party members'representatives will, with a high sense of political responsibility and historical mission, begin with caring for the interests of grass-roots Party members, solve the problems most concerned by the staff, unify their thinking, rally their strength, and discuss the general plan of reform and development of the company, thus opening a new journey of transformation and upgrading in the new era of leapfrog development of the company.

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