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The discipline inspection of the party and the masses

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Jidong machinery Party committee and fraternal units carry out special inter party inspection activities

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Jidong machinery Party committee and fraternal units carry out special inter party inspection activities

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In order to further compact the responsibility of Party building, promote the implementation of the key tasks of grass-roots Party building and rectify the existing problems of grass-roots Party building pointed out by the inspection and inspection, according to the requirements of the Party Committee of Jinyu Group, the Party Committee of our company focuses on 10 categories and 22 tasks of Party building work and the responsibilities of Jidong Cement Luanxian Co., Ltd. and Tangshan Jidong Qixin Cement Co., Ltd. The company carried out a special inspection work on Party building.

On September 4, Li Haibao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Qixin Cement Company, and his team of five people came to our company to inspect the grass-roots party building work. Wu Junzhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union, led the Party and the masses and received them by the personnel of the Department of Discipline Inspection and Supervision. Secretary Wu reported on the development of Party building in our company. Deputy Executive Manager Wang Dong introduced the company's management status, enterprise prospects and future development plans. After that, the inspectors of Qixin Cement Company adopted the methods of consulting self-examination forms, consulting materials, on-the-spot investigation and interviews to study and propagate socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, implement the responsibility system for Party building, unify the leadership of the Party with the corporate governance, integrate the Party building work with the central work, and set up various systems. The implementation and the standardization construction of Party branches, the basic guarantee of Party building and the innovation of Party building were examined. Qixin Company has highly appraised the Party building work of our unit. It holds that the Party organization and organization are sound, the Party and government are both responsible for one post and two responsibilities are well aware of each other, the Party building work has a solid foundation, the company's Party committees are relocated and the production and operation are both correct. It keeps pace with the times, and the company's development strategy and transformation and upgrading are checked and directed.

On September 11, Wu Junzhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union, led the party and the masses, the Ministry of Discipline Inspection and Supervision, and the Organizational Department of the Party committee to the Eastern Hebei Cement Luanxian Co., Ltd. for Party building inspection. Guo Yanming, member of the Standing Committee of the Jinyu group Party committee and chairman of the trade union, supervised the inspection. The person in charge of the Party Committee of Luanxian Company has reported on the Party building work of the company. The inspectors of our company have examined the Party building system, the compilation of the Party Committee system, the propaganda and education work, the work of the Party branch, the integration of Party building and production and operation, etc. of the Luanxian Company, and have also inspected the main person in charge and the Organization Department of the company. Representatives of the Party chief and the Party members conducted interviews, inspected the Party members'activity room and the Party members' responsibility area on the spot, sorted out the highlights and shortcomings of Party building work in the unit after inspection, and exchanged views between the leaders of the two sides. After the exchange meeting, Chairman Guo Yanming of Jinyu Group put forward a request on the mutual examination of Party building work at the meeting, asking everyone to take seriously the inspection work in thought and action, and regard the mutual examination of Party building work as a comprehensive physical examination of the Party building work of the unit; enterprises should establish rules and regulations to standardize the leading cadres. Leading cadres should strengthen their study, enhance their accomplishment, form the habit of doing things according to law, attach importance to improving their own political position, grasp their own position, and make every effort to ensure their work in place. Both sides have indicated that they should take the opportunity of mutual investigation of Party building to further standardize their Party building work and escort the production, operation and development of enterprises.

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